Thursday, October 8, 2009

Posies for Hoobler

Mia & Hoobs.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Production Check-Lists

I'm slowly but surely ticking away at my epic to-do lists for this film. My buddy Kate NY turned me on to the magic of Google DOCS many months ago, in all of its organizational, easily accessible glory, and I've been using it to help me keep track of what's what with Caravan's production ever since. I thought I'd share said documents with you all, so you can follow the film's production right along with me. These pages will be updated automatically every time I edit them myself. Here's to more progress!

Sidenote: We now have a shiny HUGE new scanner in Senior STudio - 4 weeks of bitching pays off! I'll be able to scan teh backgrounds now quite soon, and it's on to color!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Animation Station & More Progress!

As of today, I've begun animating on Caravan. I already have 5 seconds roughed out - given the fact that I've got a bit of a head cold, that's decent progress for one day's senior studio.

My roommates and I are also working on getting a pencil test shooting station set up at the house, so that the lot of us can get work done at home as well as on campus. Here's the beginnings of the down-shooter:

The general space. Patrick, being the awesome fellow he is, plans to lend his PC for the set-up. Soon as we get that pulled into the kitchen and properly programmed, we'll be all set.

My peg strip and lamp, Patrick's webcam and Niles' drafting table. Team effort for the win.