Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Production Check-Lists

I'm slowly but surely ticking away at my epic to-do lists for this film. My buddy Kate NY turned me on to the magic of Google DOCS many months ago, in all of its organizational, easily accessible glory, and I've been using it to help me keep track of what's what with Caravan's production ever since. I thought I'd share said documents with you all, so you can follow the film's production right along with me. These pages will be updated automatically every time I edit them myself. Here's to more progress!

Sidenote: We now have a shiny HUGE new scanner in Senior STudio - 4 weeks of bitching pays off! I'll be able to scan teh backgrounds now quite soon, and it's on to color!



  1. :D!!

    What does "wash" mean for the backgrounds list? Just a wash of plain colour, no illustration?

  2. Pretty much, yes - a wash with color and light and applied textures - pretty simple imagery :)