Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quirk's New Cover

This past week I bought a sketchbook to commit to for the first time in far too many months. I've named hime Quirk.

Up to this point, I simply haven't had spare time to even try to draw routinely outside of Caravan, but it's becoming a necessity now, so late into the production, to help me maintain my focus. Sometimes, a gal just needs to draw something other than angsty pre-teens.

I do find it incredibly silly however that the first thing I think to drawn on the cover of a book that is meant to be filled with everything BUT Caravan artwork ends up with little miss Mia on the cover.

Seriously, kid. Personal space.

Here's the first batch of sketches from the book.

On the caravan front: I now have a very in-depth leica reel for the film, and I'm working on completing the remainder of its rough animation this next week and a half or so. Then, it's right back to clean-up, color and composite.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everybody Likes ol' Charlie

Mia Likes Charlie - Rough Test from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

I'll be spending the next week and a half, possibly two, after midterms completing what rough animation is left to be done for Caravan before going back into clean-up. This shot was the beginning of those efforts, and I'm fond of it, simply because I think it's cute ;)

This shot is in its beginning super-rough, relatively blocked-out stage of animation - a close-up of Mia, just after Charlie ducks down before her to her level to introduce himself. She's spooked by him at first, and looks back to Kelsey, whom she at least feels a little more trustworthy. Realizing Kelsey s quite fond of the fellow before her, Mia decides to give ol' Charlie a chance.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Half Way There :)

Mia: ORLY? from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

I thought I'd share another animated clip of Mia, wherein she realizes that, in fact, Kelsey doesn't bite after all.

I do apologize for the scant updates over the past few days, but there's really nothing new to report - I'm still working tremendously hard on the film, almost to a fault at times - proper rest is a scarce commodity. It's nearly halfway complete however, which is fantastic. I also plan on compiling an up-to-date leica reel of the film this upcoming weekend, and I'm quite excited for that. All the while, oddly, I've gotten completely and unabashedly hooked on Lost (started from season 1 this past weekend and am already halfway through season 2!) It's proven consummate, albeit rather strange company while I animate.

Also for he fun of it, my new favorite tee, which gets worn to Senior Studio quite often:

Onward and upward!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Glimpse of Caravan

A Glimpse of Caravan from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

Another set of completed shots for Caravan. We're still tweaking these here and there with timing in terms of the SFX, but they're definitely coming along! The music included is bay the wonderful mister Larry Larson, whom I am privileged to know - used with permission.

Work on the film remains steady, and entertaining as ever, and while I rest little, I'm maintaining confidence and excitement in the project as a whole. Having great friends to work alongside while they chip away at their own films is also a plus. Good company most certainly makes the more stressful times much more pleasant to deal with.

... Even if your buddy in question is a total creeper.
Oh, silly Patar.

Last but not least, the latest tune to receive chronic airplay amidst Caravan's production? "Caravan" by Van Morrison. Sadly, I cannot seem to find a video copy of the original recording anywhere online to share with you here, but this will certainly do for now:

"Caravan" by Van Morrison


2 Down, 4 to go! and Wacky Fanart

Thought this was definitely worth posting about: I'm now a quarter of the way into my semester, and a quarter of the way completed with Caravan - we're right on schedule with over 2 minutes of the film now complete! I'll post more composted shots here later.

For the moment, have this bizarrely entertaining piece of fanart from my roommate/classmate/buddy Patrick: His thesis films' main characters and mine as.... penguins. This thing made me giggle to no end - had to share it:

Adorable doodle by Patrick Stannard. His character Brianeli, My Kelsey and Mia, and his Emilio.... Penguinified.

More again soon,