Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Production Photos (Pt 2)

Still a shutter-bug as always, here are a couple of recent snapshots of the digital side of Caravan's work space: Both fro Senior Studio at CCS. More to come!

My usual Friday Takeover o the Senior Studio Scanner computer.

7 hours of each of my Fridays are spent like what you see above: Clean up animation, scanning & awesome entertainment. The little light table is a home-made contraption created by my other half, Niles, last year while we were working on his thesis film, Code Monkey. As an aside, to give you an idea of how much of my time has been spent working at computers lately, I started watching Supernatural last week for the first time. As of yesterday, I'm already on Season 4! Another shot of the same work space is below:

Caravan in progress: Great tunes, Drawn background, rough animation & a stack of clean lineart!


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