Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quirk's New Cover

This past week I bought a sketchbook to commit to for the first time in far too many months. I've named hime Quirk.

Up to this point, I simply haven't had spare time to even try to draw routinely outside of Caravan, but it's becoming a necessity now, so late into the production, to help me maintain my focus. Sometimes, a gal just needs to draw something other than angsty pre-teens.

I do find it incredibly silly however that the first thing I think to drawn on the cover of a book that is meant to be filled with everything BUT Caravan artwork ends up with little miss Mia on the cover.

Seriously, kid. Personal space.

Here's the first batch of sketches from the book.

On the caravan front: I now have a very in-depth leica reel for the film, and I'm working on completing the remainder of its rough animation this next week and a half or so. Then, it's right back to clean-up, color and composite.


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