Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sights and Sounds: Inspiration

Countless things have contributed to the inspiration for the aesthetics of this film as a whole. Family, life experience. A tremendous love for camping. he feeling of renewal that comes with each change of season - something I only discovered in the past decade or so, having grown up in the deep south. One of my greatest artistic drives personally, at all times, tends to be music. I find that, for myself at least, music - the sounds and textures of it moreso, even, then lyrical content - has such an incredibly visceral feel to it that so often lends itself to furthering ideas or even spawning them in little notes of inspiration.

Every original personal project I take on tends to land itself with a playlist of its own - a sort of psuedo soundtrack that gets a positively unreasonable amount of airtime on my MP3 Player whenever I'm working on the piece. Caravan's, at the moment, is over two hours long; intermingled sounds of bluegrass, acoustic guitar, violins, and the occassional banjo. For fun, here are a few selected tracks from that current playlist, if for no other reason, to share the visual, visceral texture from the sound that I'm hoping to lend to this film.
I mentioned camping. For reasons I will not mention here just yet - perhaps not ever, for the sake of those involved - I have had a tremendously intimate, extended, and dually unexpected amount of time spent residing amongst the deep sting of campfire smoke and the perpetual swatting of mosquitoes that camping in the woods lends itself to over the summer. Every bit of this has, in turn, infused little bits of inspiration into this project... least of all, through the occassional snapped photograph.


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