Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Finals Week Game Plan

It's that time of the semester - I'm officially battening down the hatches and rushing headlong into Finals. That said, here are my official plans for Caravan's production over the course of the next 9 days:

Mel's Wacky Finals Week Caravan Game Plan

Shots to rough animate before presentation:

- Shot 21, just over 4 seconds - girls react to seeing Kavenaughs in camp
- Shot 26, 3 and a half seconds - Mia looks back then smiles at Charlie's acceptance
- Shot 50, 2 1/4 seconds - Ethan charges Mia
- Shot 51, 1 second and 4 frames - Ethan grabs Mia
- Shot 52, 1 1/2 seconds - Kelsey looks shocked
- Shot 55, 4 1/2 seconds - Kelsey pounds on door, pants (Mostly looped animation, & 3-frame hold still)
- Shot 56, 3 seconds 6 frames - Kelsey runs up walk

Complete and FTP the following for Niles by this weekend.

- FTP completed S019 and S013 backgrounds (Campground Pan and Fireside Rest)
- FTP the exact timing needed for both shots in WordPad Document.
- Do clean-up for still character shots in S019 and S013
- Scan S019 and S013 and have Niles overview the color process to flat-texture the clean-up shots.
- FTP cleaned-up, colored S019 and S013 characters to go with backgrounds.

The goal in doing so will be to have two completed shots to show for Final reviews.

Background Rendering: (to be completed during AVC Shifts, including Thursday's 24-hour extra shift)

- S001: Background for opening shot of Mia skittering up her front path from overhead.
- S002: The Establishing Shot of the Talbert Farmhouse
- S003: Opening Woods Shot Mia walking sulkily to school, looking very tiny next to towering, barren trees.

- Use Portions of Friday and Saturday evenings to complete first full draft of thesis paper (which is already 1\3 complete)

Percentage calculator: (So I can keep track of where I'm at!)

Of Note:
  • If I getup to 50 shots completed in rough for the semester, I'll be 61% completed with rough animation.
  • To reach 50 shots, I only have to complete 7 more pencil tests in 9 days.
  • I'm 62% completed with backgrounds, without completing the one listed above.
  • I've also begun recording sound effects for the film's final sound design.
You can watch my progress on this to-do list as I tick them off on its recently published GoogleDOC. And bare in mind that the above workload is in addition to 11 seconds worth of computer animation for my Character 1 Maya class, as well as my Sound Design final (Although, said Sound Design final is allowing me to collect sound for Caravan's soundtrack, so hooray for that!)

Wish me luck!

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