Sunday, December 6, 2009

Production Photos (Pt 1)

For a chuckle, I thought I'd post couple of photos I've taken of life amidst film production. I'm a complete shutter bug by nature - I absolutely love to capture life in still frames - so, my time so far working on Caravan has hardly fared much differently. I'll post ore photos as I go undoubtedly. Here's a few to start:

A small portion of Senior Studio, as well as some of my awesome classmates The two fellows in the middle were visiting underclassman, the folks on either end, Christina and Matt, are fellow seniors, and wonderfully talented ones to boot.

Myself, at my light table, working on a perspective run shot that was rather giving me a bit of hell last Monday.

Patrick, working on shadow model for his film, My Dad the Giant.

There are SO MANY amazing games coming out in the past few months and I haven't had time to play a one of them. A fix to this deprivation, however? watching my lovely boyfriend Niles play them whilst I work - the proverbial two birds with one stone! Thus far, I've seen him through through Brutal Legend, Dragon Age, Assassins Creed 2, Condemned 2, and replays of Bioshock.

More soon,

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