Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Official Trailer (And To Do's!)

Caravan Official Trailer from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

Caravan's first official trailer, compiled both for the CCS 2010 Senior Show, and for use by the Stratton Foundation, who was recently kind enough to award the film and myself a generous scholarship. Music by Larry Larson.

So, I'm in my last week of classes at CCS. While Caravan's production will span well into the next couple of months I'm wrapping up my classes as efficiently as I can manage. Helping to do so, I've chalked up a hefty to-do list to follow where Caravan is concerned. I'll continue to update it here as I get things completed.

  • Finish clean-up on S070
  • Finish Rough on everyone walking out of the house
  • Reserve sound recording equipment for Friday
  • Get feedback on Demo Reel, Resume, and what to work on next for final review reel.


  • Make edits to Resume as suggested by Steve
  • Work on final leica reel for presentation at home
  • Make a trailer, both for presentation and for Stratton youtube posting
  • Tie down and clean up girls dancing loop from home and at work.


  • Rough animate girls walking up path.
  • Tie down Ethan rearing to strike Mia (so Mia actually exists)
  • Work on girls dancing loop clean-up.
  • Update Leica Reel again

  • Update Leica Reel again
  • Work on girls dancing loop clean-up.

  • Rent Sound recording equipment.
  • Shoot whatever clean-up is available.
  • Nab one of the editing suites or sound recording studio to record additional sound FX

  • Save JPEGs of all 64 backgrounds for final presentation.
  • Batch and Color shot animation
  • Niles composites whatever new color shots are available

  • Compile final Leica Reel for presentation
  • Last-Minute Updates for Demo Reel
  • Last-Minute Updates of Trailer
  • Type up Reel Break-Down List
  • Render out final Leica, Demo Reel, Trailer


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